Chautauqua Health Cairns


Chautauqua Health
2600 30th St. (between Bluff and Steelyards)
Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301



From the north: drive south on 30th St. to the next street south of Valmont. This is Bluff. Turn left/east on Bluff. Go 1 block to 31st. Turn right/south. Go 1 block to Steelyards. Turn right/west. Park in front of P.C.’s Pantry (big red awnings)

From the south: drive north on 30th St., past Mapleton (on the left/west). There will be the “Boulder Steelyards” complex on the right. Pekoe is on the SE corner of 30/Steelyards Place and P.C.’s Pantry (big red awnings and a large poster of a St. Bernard in the window) is just north of it. Turn right/east on Steelyards Place in between these two businesses . Park in front of P.C.’s Pantry.

From the parking lot: go to the building to the right/north that has Mile High Bank. Take either the stairs that are on the outside of the building, or the elevator that is located inside the glass doors to the left/west of the bank entrance. Go to the 2nd floor and across an exposed walkway that will take you south to our purple door.

The parking spaces immediately in front of the building are 15 minute and handicapped spaces only. All the other spaces in the lot are 2 hour parking. The spaces on Steelyards are also 15 minute parking.

The Bound goes along 30th St. and stops at Valmont. Walk south to Bluff and follow the directions from the parking lot as above. Please click here for more information on public transit in Boulder.

Chautauqua Health